Backpacking Holiday Ideas

If you have done it all, or simply doing it for the very first time, you may need some ideas or inspiration for holiday destinations. There are many places that are popular amongst backpackers as well as some lesser-known destinations that are, in fact, hidden gems. Here are a couple of generic places that you may consider travelling to or around.

Backpacking Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are amongst a few of the most popular backpacking destinations out there. Most backpackers choose to go there because they are filled with amazing beaches and packed with the opportunities to try out extreme sports, explore remote and wild areas, and experience a new and interesting way of life. Living there can be a bit expensive though, so you should consider finding a backpacker job. The New Zealand government page gives backpackers some pointers regarding backpacker work, and choices of jobs available vary from work within the hospitality sector to outdoor work.

Backpacking South Africa

South Africa is one of the most underestimated countries when it comes to holidays. Most are led by prejudicial views due to the fact that the holiday destination has the word Africa in it and is often associated with a poor quality holiday. However, South Africa is a really friendly country with an awesome coastline, amazing cities, and absolutely loads to do. It has great public transportation, the most adrenalin boosting extreme sports and a booming nightlife for party lovers. The food is great and backpackers find that looking for accommodation is simple with hostels and lodges all over the country.

Backpacking Europe

If you are coming from Europe, then it may be the cheapest backpacking holiday destination for you. You can travel throughout most of the European countries by simply hitchhiking rides and the travelling will be brought down to the bare minimum. Do take precautions though when choosing this option or consider the many public transport options. Buying bus and rail passes can often make using public transport ridiculously cheap and well within a backpacker’s budget. The prices are more or less the same and even cheaper when it comes to Eastern Europe, which is worth exploring for its varying geographical and cultural influences. Many Eastern European countries are not yet tourist hot spots making them the ideal destination for backpackers who want to see unadulterated countries.

Backpacking USA

Tourism in the USA is a massive industry and every year millions of holidaymakers and backpackers make their way to this amazing country. The USA is full of different cultures, offers a friendly welcome to visitors and a fascinating glimpse into the American lifestyle.

With fifty states and a federal district, the USA is concentrated mainly in central North America, between Canada and Mexico, offering backpackers a massive choice of areas to visit. The further south you travel the warmer it gets in the USA, though the temperature can vary from region to region. Backpackers love the USA because of the cultural diversity as well as an endless amount of scenery and landmarks to see and admire, and the great public transport options make travelling easy and economical.